MyoActive's Hand Strengthening Tools are our best selling product for hand related issues.

If you know someone or suffer from tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, hand pain or finger pain these are the most affordable tool you could buy.


Learning the basics on strengthening your fingers, not only strengthen your hand but also assist the forearms in becoming stronger.

Hand Strengthening Tool

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  • MyoActive's Hand Strengthening Tools/Openers are finger resistance bands that provide a complete, convenient and effective way of targeting your hand grip strength, by allowing for a fuller range of motion in your grip and wrist strength.

    Our innovative design follows your body's natural biomechanics to maximize the strength, balance and circulation to all finger, hand and lower arm tissues.

    MyoActive's Hand Grip Strengthening Tool work by stimulating all peripheral nerves to the hand to relieve finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel & elbow injuries.

    Comes with Corrective Exercise Sheets written by a Health Professional along with a reusable nylon bag.


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