Take your workout to the next level.


The ulimate kit in taking your workouts to the next level regardless of the situation you're in! 

The most value for your buck, including stretching, mobility, strengthening equipment all in one bundle!

Advanced Band Package

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  • Take your workout to the next level.

    The second step in giving your body ESSENTIAL care is by engaging and strengthening those muscles which are hard to activate! 

    MyoActive's Advanced Band Package -


    1X Mini Band Set - Containing all strengths from extra light to heavy!

    Sliders - Which are the perfect product to help switch on those core muscles as well as using them for stability!

    Lacrosse Ball - Help relieve any tension from exercising to allow you to be free from muscle tension.

    Comes with Corrective Exercise Sheets written by a Health Professional along with a backpack!


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