The Secret To Running Without Pain!

How strong and stable are you on one leg? 👣 Running is a single leg activity. Many people underestimate the stability/balance/strength requirements of running, and this often catches up with them over time It’s a series of single leg hops, while trying to maintain integrity and prevent gravity from doing its thing ⬇️ When assessing a runner, it’s common to see limitations in lower body control and strength For example: • Something as simple as balancing on one leg for 30 seconds can be a very difficult task for many. Being unstable and unable to maintain foot integrity on the ground is something to be strongly considered • Inability to control the lower body (knee/ankle/foot position) in movements like a squat, lunge, single leg squat 🔑 HIP CONTROL: • The hips are responsible for controlling unwanted motion below them at the knee, ankle and foot. This is especially important when on one foot (which Running happens to be) • As soon as you contact the ground, gravity wants to inwardly collapse you into the ground. It’s the job of your hips and postural integrity to prevent this and maintain the desired amount of rigidity in order to express the elasticity needed to run ✅ If single leg static movements are difficult (balancing on one leg, lunging, single leg squatting etc.), prioritize this in your training. Strength training is important as a runner, especially when it is focused on hip control 👣

If you suffer from pain while running or feel like your technique, stride or gait is poor send us a message to get this looked at today, we are one of the best myotherapy and massage clinics in Melbourne providing myotherapy services from accredited myotherapists to clients in Burwood, Burwood East, Vermont, Vermont South, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Nunawading, Heathmont, Blackburn, Canterbury, Surrey Hills, Camberwell, Box Hill, Ringwood, Knox, Rowville, Croydon, Croydon south and Boronia.

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