Telehealth Online Consultations, What you can expect!?

Online Myotherapy Consultations

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video Consultations to discuss your specific problem and give you some step by step practical advice.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are entering uncertain times.

There are some of you in self isolation and we need to ensure you are well taken care of.

As a primary health care provider we want to ensure everyone has access to information about any urgent musculoskeletal health problem.

At MyoActive Myotherapy, Jayden Seracino has allocated limited times every day to allow for Video Consultations to those in need.

Whether it is a pinched nerve, stress, tension, home workplace set up, we've got you covered. We use zoom for these calls.

*Jayden will take a full history for new patients. *Explain differential treatment plans. *Prescribe suitable exercises. *Give detailed advise on activities to avoid. *Advise the best home therapies to use. *Explain rehabilitation and strengthening exercises. *Advise if further medical referral is indicated.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jayden will also provide home work place set up advice, at no additional costs. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1) The first appointment will be assessing via video chat your home work space, what improvements you can make to your set up and any additional equipment you may want to consider getting such as a new chair or laptop stand, resistance bands, mini bands, lacrosse ball etc.

2) The second: Re-assessing how you are doing after implementing the changes Jayden suggested and advising exercises and stretches you can do to counteract any build up in postural tension / aches and pains that you are having.

Jayden has limited time and will only be allowing 10 of these sessions a week.

Book online now:

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