Taping, The Good, Bad and Ugly?

Taping also known as Kinesotape or Rocktape is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton tape with an acrylic adhesive. Kinesiology tape can be beneficial for musculoskeletal and sporting injuries, plus inflammatory conditions such as bursitis of the shoulder, hip, acute lower back pain and also knee related injuries.

Kinesiology tape is used for treating athletic injuries and a variety of physical disorders, this is where the tape can be used for “good”. What we mean by that is using tape short term to assist in reducing pain and improving function is great for athletes. Allowing athletes to feel more comfortable during competition is a must, having hard rigid tape which reduces and restricts movement isn’t great for athletes which may need to extend and move in certain positions.

Tape can also be a great reminder for office workers, sedentary and people with “poor” posture, the use of this tape should be short term, and only assist in allowing the individual to feel how they should perhaps sit while working at a desk. Allowing them to be more postural correct seems to encourage our clients to strengthen their weaker muscles in order to assist in proper posture long term. As we all know what it feels like when we start to hunch.

The “bad” regarding the tape is that we see a lot of therapists doing it as a preventative which it isn’t. If there is an issue with the Knee for example and it isn’t tracking properly it may be more a structural or muscular issue, which would be fixed by seeing a therapist who can give proper strength and condition and exercise prescription to the individual.

In our opinion the tape should be used short term for assistance prior to competition to allow them to perform at their best.

The “ugly” we are starting to see more of now, which consists of people using it all the time during competitions, rather than seeing a Myotherapist and actually fixing the problem they decide to just use a “knee brace” or tape the knee and believe that it will stop them from getting injured or making the injury worse.

The best thing we believe you can do is see a qualified Myotherapist who specialises in assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal issues.

At MyoActive Myotherapy, we are based in Burwood East, Melbourne and see many athletes including some elite AFL players and Olympians. With proper manual therapy modalities such as dry needling, cupping, trigger point therapy as well as taping and exercise prescription most clients get the results they want and no longer need to be taped.

If you or someone you know seems to rely on being taped prior to a match or competition send us a message on how to fix the dysfunction long term!

Myotherapy Taping In Burwood East VIC 3151, for an elite tennis player.

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