Seated Massage In a Corporate Environment

At MyoActive Myotherapy, we have more then 5 years of experience doing seated corporate massage and myotherapy around Melbourne.

There are many health benefits relating to improving physical and mental health in the workplace. Working long hours especially in a seated position e.g. desk and office workers are much more likely going to hunch from the shoulders which most of the time will cause neck and shoulder pain. Overtime this can develop into serious tension on the neck and in most cases lead towards headaches and migraines.

Seeing a Myotherapist can not only reduce the tension and stress in the individual but is also proven to improve results in the workplace. Remedial massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point release are some techniques we use at MyoActive Myotherapy to get rid of pain and discomfort.

We are situated in Burwood East 3151 Melbourne and do a variety of treatments in corporate settings.

Not only do we treat staff using hands on techniques we also provide exercise prescription to individuals to reduce the pain from reoccurring and also look at the ergonomics in the workplace.

Making sure we are positioned in the best posture while working long hours and breaking it up between sitting and standing positions really does allow staff to work longer and smarter.

Science shows that working long hours without adequate breaks e.g. sitting for the whole day puts more strain on certain muscles and joints which further leads to injuries and/or dysfunctions which means time off work.

Being able to work without pain means overall better results and happier staff in and out of the workplace.

Massage can also improve blood flow and circulation as well as many other health benefits.

If you or someone you know suffers from muscular pain from sitting all day, being hunched over or just feel like you need some maintenance, don't hesitate to send us a message or give us a call.

MyoActive Myotherapy

1 Vision Drive, Burwood East 3151 Melbourne

0422 580 035

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