Workplace Posture! 

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Being a Myotherapist means a lot of admin work 💻 Prolonged sitting is common for people working in an office, and can have negative impacts on your health. If you are someone who sits a lot for work, here are a few tips to help manage and reduce your sitting time at work! ✔️ Take frequent mini-breaks. Set a timer to go off a couple of times and hour, to remind yourself to stand and have a stretch. ✔️ Stand to read a document or make a phonecall ✔️ If possible, work interchangeably between standing and sitting desks. ✔️ Make sure your work station is set up correctly for you (you can find more information at

✔️ If you suffer from muscular pain or would like help with your posture book an appoontment with one of our Myotherapists!

If you want more information on effective ways to manage your body from any strains work may be causing, please send us a message or call the clinic!

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