How To Use a Lacrosse Ball for Tight Lower Back Pain!

Do you suffer from lower back pain and have seen many therapists and nobody has been able to fix it long term?

Look no further than our Myotherapist Jayden who is an allied health professional who works daily with patients who suffer from Lower Back Pain!

Patients who have used the lacrosse ball to relieve lower back pain have reduced having to see Jayden regular for treatments which means that they save money but also aren’t in much pain!

The best way to use a lacrosse ball is against the wall, this is due to be able to control the pressure being applied.

Some of us do it on the floor if you can tolerate it as seen in the image below, but for beginners we recommend to stand against a wall and push against the wall to what you can tolerate.

Lacrosse balls also work more effective than spikey balls due to having spikes on them. It reduces the amount of depth and pressure which can be applied which makes it harder to get into the trigger points.

MyoActive's Lacrosse Ball are an effective way for trigger point relief.

While the Lacrosse Ball works well for alleviation of pain in the back and neck area, it also is an effective way of applying pressure to your body's varying trigger points, creating instantaneous relief and movement.

The best part about the Lacrosse Ball is that they are evenly designed for pressure to ensure accuracy in trigger point relief.

Trigger points are sensitive areas of the body, stimulation or irritation of which causes a specific effect in another part, especially a tender area in a muscle which causes generalized musculoskeletal pain when overstimulated.

Removing these active trigger points will in term relieve the pain being associated so that you can do what you love and not have to worry about your back pain!

Each lacrosse ball comes with two corrective exercise sheets to not only show how to release the back if it’s painful but also relieve any other muscular pain such as tight calves, neck pain, headaches, knee pain, tennis pain, shoulder pain and more.

By applying your body weight onto the lacrosse ball will trigger blood flow to repair and alleviate joint and muscle tissue tenderness.

For only $10 the lacrosse ball is one if not the most underrated physical therapy products you could purchase on the market right now, especially when it comes with corrective exercise sheets written by our health professional.

Get yours today in our clinic with a thorough explanation on how to use it!

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