How to use a foam roller in your daily workout?

Foam rolling is a very controversial topic, starting from when to use them, how to use them, how often to use them and even what type of foam roller to use?

We will debunk some myths in our latest blog on how to use a foam roller in your daily workout.

Firstly, the short answer is ‘it depends’, it depends on what are you using the foam roller for.

If it’s for stretching, myofascial release or even self-mobilisation I prefer to get my patients says jayden, to use it prior to exercises to allow the body to move better and perform better.

Using it prior to exercise for about 5-10 minutes can help change the superficial tightness in the body, e.g. rolling up and down the spine and potentially hearing a crack may allow you to move better when performing back exercises such as a deadlift.

For other patients I prefer them to do it after work, this is due to having poorer posture from sitting all day at a desk. Having the foam roller down the spine will allow the chest, shoulders and back muscles to open up and it will feel really good for the individual. Doing this consistently, they will see a difference in their posture and start to look “taller”.

Now to get onto the serious debate:

What type of foam roller should I use?

We highly suggest the EVA foam rollers, this is due to having a bit of give so they aren’t “rock hard”, which sometimes can make the situation worse.

The brilliant thing about myoactive foam rollers is that they come with corrective exercise sheets, which shows individuals how to roll and use them correctly for myofascial release, without the exercise sheets you may be making yourself worse or not using the foam roller to the best of your ability.

We stock these Foam Rollers inside our clinic location in Burwood East which also come with corrective exercise sheets made by health professionals!

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