How much Protein is enough!? 

In a new study by Mazzulla et al. (2019), the authors suggest protein requirements are higher than previously measured. The current body of evidence strongly indicates you need only 1.6 g/kg/d of protein (0.72 g/lb/d) to maximize gains in strength and muscle mass. That's total protein intake for total bodyweight per day. This evidence includes the latest meta-analysis and a RCT study. You can find all the studies in the article on the Optimal Protein Intake. In the new study, the authors used the indicator amino acid oxidation (IAAO) technique to estimate the protein intake required to maximize whole-body protein balance. They concluded 2 g/kg/d was needed. However, the actual study measurement period was only 8 hours and directly after a full-body workout after 2 days of protein deprivation (1.2 g/g/d). So this study didn’t actually measure total daily protein requirements in normal scenarios but rather protein requirements in the immediate post-exercise period after being protein deprived. It’s also worth noting that the study had only 7 participants and 2 previous studies using the same method reached protein requirement estimates of 1.4

and 1.7 g/kg/d. Moreover, whole-body protein requirements may not coincide with muscle protein requirements. After a certain point, the requirements for maximum muscle growth may be covered, but additional protein may still stimulate protein synthesis in other tissues, such as skin, hair and organs. In conclusion, this study doesn't come close to showing we need 2 g/kg/d of protein. It rather suggests we need a correspondingly high protein intake specifically post-workout, if we didn't have that much protein in the period beforehand. In line with this evidence, I recommend higher protein intakes per meal. I also do not believe in the anabolic window, which is the period after your workouts. "That's when protein synthesis levels can reach much higher levels than normal and most of your recovery and gains take place".

I believe aslong as you get the protein amount during 24 hours that's sufficient enough.

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