How can treatment methods used by Myotherapists help with neck-related pain?

How can treatment methods used by Myotherapists help with neck-related (cervicogenic) headache?

Your Myotherapist will first undertake a full examination to determine if the headache symptoms fit the pattern for cervicogenic headache, and if there are problems with the joints and muscles, particularly in the upper part of the neck.

There are several possible results of this examination. The clinical examination might indicate that the headache is coming from the neck (cervicogenic headache), and myotherapy treatment is the best management.

The examination might suggest the headache is another type (eg, migraine or tension-type headache)—that is, the neck joints and muscles were found to be normal. Myotherapy methods such as soft tissue therapy may assist in management as part of a multidisciplinary approach.

People with migraine and tension-type headaches may have problems in their neck that are independent of their headache. In these cases, myotherapy treatment of the neck may offer some help in conjunction with treatment from the GP.

Myotherapists use a variety of treatment methods for best practice management of cervicogenic headache. Education, advice and assurance This is to ensure the person understands the nature of their headache, is assured of its benign nature, and has the knowledge to actively participate in the care of their neck.

Exercises are prescribed depending on your requirements, and are designed to: ease pain improve posture and postural habits improve movement and flexibility of the neck train the supporting muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle train strength and endurance of the neck muscles train balance, movement accuracy, as well as head and eye movement control when light-headedness or unsteadiness are symptoms of the headache disorder.

Your myotherapist works with you to develop best work, activity and lifestyle habits to relieve unnecessary strain on the neck. Self-management program It is important to care for your neck to help prevent recurrent headaches.

Your myotherapist will work with you to devise a program of simple and convenient exercises and lifestyle habits relevant to your needs. It is best to try to include them into daily routines so that good neck postures and movement become normal habits.

A plan will be developed to help manage and rapidly settle any future flares of headache and neck pain rapidly. Suffer from neck issues, contact us today!

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