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Agree? Follow 👉@myoactive for daily pain management tips📚 - 📢Find this helpful? Share it with your friends! - 🚨 Before running that half marathon, trying to show your friends you "still got it" on the basketball court, or attempting to test your 1-rep-max in the bench press after just setting foot into the gym for the first time since high school, think about what your body is prepared to handle! - 🛑 This doesn't only apply to relatively sedentary folks or those who DON'T exercise all that often, but also for those who have been training consistently for a while but not in a way that PREPARES them for the DEMANDS of their new activity or sport they just started - 🗝 The key, as always, is to PREPARE the body for the stresses, energy system requirements, and movements that relate to the new activity and to do so in a GRADUAL and PROGRESSIVE manner - 💪🏼 This is what we in the Fitness, Performance, and Rehab industries lovingly refer to as PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD and the concept of SPECIFICITY (or "SAID" Principle: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) - 🚨 Of course, there are STILL cases where individuals can become injured through circumstances outside of their control (e.g. contact injuries, slipping on a wet spot on the floor, etc). And chronically OVER-training can happen as well - 💥 But, in a large amount of cases, poor PREPARATION and PLANNING leads to doing TOO MUCH, TOO FAST, and the body is not adequately prepared to handle the load(s) required, leading to injury - 💯 This is why being PATIENT and having a solid PLAN in place are vital to improving your STRENGTH and RESILIENCE to injury - 💥 It's not easy, but it will be worth your while! - We are still open for essential myotherapy!

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