Dry Needling is one of the most popular techniques being used to relieve acute and chronic muscular pain.

Dry Needling is very effective in pain relief from headaches, migraines, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, back pain, calf strains, sciatic pain and more!  

This is due to how the therapist may use the needle to relieve the muscular pain, inserting the small acupuncture needle into the muscle which is giving pain may instantly give you relief.

Furthermore combining dry needling with an appropriate rehabilitation and strengthening program will stop the pain from coming back.

When you come in for a treatment, you may be feeling ‘sore,’ ‘stiff’ or ‘tight’ in a particular area of your body, which is giving you enough discomfort.

These areas of soreness can be referred to by us as a trigger point.

Dry Needling Trigger Points

Trigger points are hyper-irritable spots within a muscle that gives referred pain and tenderness.

Often these are the areas which most people refer to as a ‘knot’ or painful spot on the body.

The interesting part about a trigger point is that it may refer pain to a site that may not be where you feel the tight/painful spot. Your Myotherapist has 5 + years of experience to recognise these patterns and locate the source of the pain, often relieving your symptoms in the quickest time and least amount of treatments.

These trigger points long term without being treated can cause more pain in the affected area as well as other muscles. 

So for example, if we injure our knee, then the ankle/hip joint starts to work harder to compensate for the muscles in and around the knee not being able to do their job. Left untreated can cause more issues in terms of walking, running foot, knee and long term hip pain. 

How We Treat Trigger Points?

Myotherapists use a number of different manual therapy techniques to eliminate active trigger points, ranging from trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, corrective exercise prescription, heat, tens machines, cupping and dry-needling.

In our experience, dry needling is an effective method of eliminating trigger points (tight knots) in the muscles that you experience pain and dysfunction in.


Our clients even tell us that they feel so much relief immediately from dry needling and begin to ask us to perform it as a preferred treatment technique.


Dry needling trigger points can be done in one session, with pain relief lasting between two to five days after one session, and then any sessions after will continue to improve and relief will be longer until it is pain free.

If any soreness is felt after a treatment, this can be normal due to the fine filament needle being inserted, although normally within 24-48 hours soreness will pass, similar to a gym session or performing exercise, but we rarely experience this with our clients.

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