Deep tissue massage involves deep muscle compression to try and remove any “knots” or adhesions within the muscles. Often the Myotherapist will use deep tissue massage as one of our techniques to affect a specific muscle or area of pain or tightness in the body.

This targets the trigger points (tight spots) in the deeper layers of your muscles to “unstick” the muscle fibres that are causing the knot to occur.

Deep tissue massage targets the deep layer of the muscle in an attempt to affect specific muscle fibres.

It is usually applied to specific areas that need attention as opposed to a remedial massage where the whole body is treated in the session.

In most cases, pressure is applied lightly at the start to warm up the muscle, then more specific techniques are applied, such as stripping and friction.

Stripping involves applying deep pressure over the length of the muscle fibres – creating a gliding feeling. Friction involves applying pressure across the grain, which releases muscle tension and realigns soft tissue.

People may feel tender after this type of treatment, but this will only last 1 – 2 days maximum.


This isn’t a relaxation massage, however we want you to feel relaxed and not leave our clinic in discomfort. If performed correctly then the pain will shift in two sessions. If pain persists any longer, you should contact your therapist and let them know.

It is also recommended when having a deep tissue massage that you increase your water intake after the treatments. This enables your muscles to release toxins into the bloodstream and flush them out of your system.

Who Can Benefit From A Deep Tissue Massage?
Deep Tissue Massage therapy can help those with conditions such as:

Back pain and poor posture
Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Pain
Knee Pain

Those with injury and soreness from exercise and sports will benefit greatly from a deep tissue massage:

Overworked muscles
Sports injury
Muscle pain
Build-up of lactic acid
Before and after preparation and recovery.

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